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PawSQL integrates the best practices of query optimization in database industry, provides SQL auditing and rewrite optimization capability, and sophisticate index recommendation with the powerful intelligent Index Advisor engine for slow queries.


  • Rules-based SQL auditing, targeting correctness auditing and performance optimization.
  • Rewrite optimization, recommended semantically equivalent, but more efficient SQL.
  • Intelligent index recommendation, based on input SQL syntax, database objects and statistics information.
  • What-if analysis to ensure gaining better performance after SQL rewriting and indexing recommendations.
  • Index analysis to detect redundent existing indexes.

Concepts in PawSQL Cloud

  • A Workspace is the environment(tables, views, indexes, and associated statistics) you want to do the query optimization against.

  • A Workload is a single DML SQL statement or a set of DML SQL statements you want to optimize and analyze.

  • A Optimization is an operation you defines and PawSQL performs to optimize a workload against a workspace.

Three Steps to set up an optimization

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